The company "MARVIPAK" EOOD, EIK 131029652, is the legal successor of "MARVI-V. Dimitrov", which was established in 1997, and the main activity of the company is the production and trade of polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, PP, LDPE, MDPE) and polypropylene products with full colour printing. Since 2019, we have started the production of cellulose products.

Ø  The production facilities are divided into four production bases where various products are produced- paper, recycled polyethylene, virgin material polyethylene and biodegradable polymer, printing base.

Ø Through this division of production facilities, we offer short production times and a guarantee of product quality.

Ø The diverse assortment, as well as the possibility to offer a product in the size and thickness specified by you, makes us a desirable partner.

Ø We use materials from guaranteed European and Bulgarian manufacturers, equipped with all certificates guaranteeing the quality of the final product.  

Ø With us you will also find the most non-standard types of packaging, envelopes, bags, bags and sacks.

Ø   We maintain a wide stock of both the most commonly used products and the more specific products for our customers. In this way, we strive to satisfy their needs as quickly and qualitatively as possible.

Ø Under conditions favourable to the customer, the company accepts orders for the delivery of materials ex-stock to the buyer, which significantly eases the organization of procurement.

Ø   Our products are manufactured according to modern European requirements and quality is our cred