We offer various cuts of stretch film for industry and household, as well as aluminium foil for home and business.


Stretch film is of two types – manual and automatic stretch for pallet stretching.

We offer rolls with widths of 250, 500 mm and thicknesses - 17, 20, 23 microns, extensibility is 150-250% depending on the customer's needs. Ability to achieve thin films - up to 15 microns. By combining multiple ingredients and a special recipe, an optimal balance between stretchability and the other mechanical properties of the stretch film is achieved.

There are two technologies for the production of stretch film. By blown method and by flat extruding head.

Blown stretch has better mechanical properties such as: extensibility, puncture resistance and strength. Due to the lower productivity of the blowing method, this type of stretch film has slightly higher production costs and is mainly used when extremely high requirements are needed. A characteristic feature of blown stretch is the somewhat cloudy appearance of the foil, compared to stretch produced on flat machines.

The stretch produced on flat extruder lines (with a flat head) is characterized by worse mechanical indicators and high clarity of the film. Due to the extremely high performance of this type of machine, it has become more popular on the market.

Household stretch film

Household stretch film is a universal kitchen helper found in every household. Made from high-quality polymer materials, it is designed to keep food fresh by preventing contact with air, which significantly extends their shelf life. Stretch film is perfect for use both in the refrigerator and for freezing, while also protecting food from drying out, preserving its flavor, and preventing unwanted odors.


Ideal for home, catering or catering use. Aluminium foil is the most hygienic and healthy substitute for conventional packaging materials that are often used for food storage. Suitable for cooking in the oven, grill or barbecue. With its inimitable qualities and cheap price, aluminium foil is an extremely practical, disposable product.

We offer household aluminium foil of various sizes and lengths: 8m; 30 cm x 10 m; 45 cm x 10 m; 16m; 30m; 35 cm x 40 m; 30 cm x 100 m; 45cm x 100m; 150m;

To preserve the freshness of food: Aluminium foil perfectly preserves food and preserves its nutritional value and qualities. Protects food from the influence of light, protects against the access of oxygen, moisture and the action of bacteria. Preserves the taste, aroma, fresh and juicy appearance, vitamins and consistency of food.
Not recommended:  Use with acidic and fatty foods.